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Lawn Envy provides a full-service, year-round lawn and landscape maintenance service. We will make your property’s landscaping healthy and look great in every season.

Lawn Care Package

The combination of trained lawn care technicians and a researched balance of fertilizers and weed control are an unstoppable duo of green lawn awesomeness!

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First impressions are everything and the image of your home is critical to how you display yourself to your family, friends and neighbors. The first impression of your home is its outside maintenance, most critically your lawn. You could have the most beautiful home but with a poorly maintained yard the beauty of your home is diminished.

Lawn Envy offers a full line of services to manage your property, no matter how big or small.  The Maintenance Package along with our chemical programs include everything needed to appropriately maintain your property.  Our popular add-on services include pine straw and mulch installation, seasonal flower installation, core aeration and overseeding.  Not sure if Lawn Envy offers a service you need?  Just ask.  Our team has the experience to match your needs.

If you want to portray an optimistic first impression and stand apart think about your lawn care.  Call Lawn Envy TODAY at 678.230.1216 for your FREE estimate.

First impressions are everything. Your landscape maintenance determines your business’ first impression. Does your property have curb appeal?

Lawn Envy is the expert on creating the best first impressions through regular landscape maintenance visits, treatments, and enhancements. Lawn Envy can get your property looking better than your competition with our Maintenance Program, Chemical Treatment Program, Tree & Shrub Trimming programs and more. We would like to extend our knowledge, experience, and excellent customer service so you can focus on your business.

If you want  to impress your customers before they even walk in the door, call Lawn Envy NOW! We are available to be reached at 678.230.1216 or online at for a free estimate and consultation.

We reply within one business day!

I called Lawn Envy to do some post-winter cleanup at my house, and they came out within just a few days. They did a great job of making my yard looking nice again by removing unsightly growth, trimming back bushes, and laying out fresh pine straw. Based on their responsiveness and quality of work, I’ll be calling Lawn Envy again in the future.

Mac Doherty Mac Doherty

Atlanta, GA